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3 May 2023 Students working in our lab won three prizes in two sections of the Institutional Scientific Students' Associations Conference (ITDK):

  • Gábor Hartyányi: Issues of real-time implementations of weed detection algorithms, 1. Prize, supervisor: Dr. Czúni László
  • Lóránt Szabó: Aanlysis of pharmaceutical databases, 2. Prize, supervisor: Dr. Vörösházi Zsolt
  • Csaba Schulmann: Learning metrics for multistream optical object recognition, 2. Prize, supervisor: Dr. Czúni László


25 April 2023 Call for participation: Take part in our Summer School on Robotics and Visual Information Processing! RVIP is organized with the cooperation of the members of our laboratory from 3 to 13 of July, Veszprém. Find more information at


20 April 2023 Hartányi Gábor (Computer Science Engineer MSc) won the 3rd prize at the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference. The title of his paper is Detection of weeds in fields. Congratulations!


27 February 2023 Now, it is available to download the teaching tutorial of Szabolcs Zoltán Asbóth: Teaching Wondershare Filmora - course materials (in Hungarian). Szabolcs prepared his tutorial in the laboratory during his studies to become a high school IT teacher. High school (or senior class elementary school) students can be trained video editing in 10 lessons through practical exercises with the tutorial.


13 December 2022 Tamás Szirányi, founder of our laboratory (now at MTA Sztaki) made his unaugural at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences titled Machine Perception - Intelligent Space



7 December 2022 PhD defense of Amr Mohamed Abdelhameed Nagy Abdo

Amr defended his thesis, titled Recognition of Objects and Their Defects, with Summa Cum Laude qualifications.  

amr vedes 


23 November 2022 Students working in our Lab won the following prizes in the sections of the Institutional Scientific Students' Associations Conference (ITDK):

  • Braghini Benjamin: Innovative industry 4.0 solutions in robotics, 1. prize, supervisor: Rádli Richárd
  • Hartyányi Gábor: Detection of weed on the fields, 1. prize, supervisor: Czúni László, consultant: Mesterházi Péter Ákos
  • Rosales Alejandro: Quality estimation of solar panels with electroluminescence and flash testing, 2. prize, supervisor: Czúni László, consultant: Bereczky György
  • Weigl-Kiss Milán: Comparison and implementation, on embedded systems, of lane detection algorithms, 3. prize, supervisor: Rádli Richárd


12 October 2022 At 19. October 12am Tamás Levente (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca) gives a presentation titled "The Robot Operating System (ROS) and its application for some visual tasks” on the regular BSc course Digital Image Processing. The online lecture, appr. 45 minutes in Hungarian and with English slides, first gives introductionary information about the structure and usage of ROS, then we see some practical image processing applications, such as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), pothole detection, pedestrian detection, and autonomous navigation.


30 September 2022 Open technical (robotics and optical measurements) demonstrations at the Researchers' Night event in our lab: AI in the vision of machines. During the event we demonstrate how AI helps machine vision systems in industrial applications and robot control. Beside introducing basic concepts and mechanisms, visitors will learn how solar panels "shine", how their defects are detected, how cameras and AI helps the control of industrial robots.


9 September 2022 Our new electroluminescense benchmark image dataset of solar panels is available online. Different defects were annotated, YOLOv5 was tested with different loss functions. Steps of defect detection were presented by Alejandro Rosales Rodrigez (BSc student) at ETFA 2022 (IEEE 27th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation), Stuttgart. The dataset is available here.


31 August 2022 Rémi Orveau (MSc student, University of Poitiers, FR) made his summer internship in our laboratory, the title of his work is: Recognition and pose estimation of memory modules in a memory tray with a monocular camera. Rémi has a short (circa 20 minutes) technical presentation about his work at 2 pm, 2 September 2022 in building I, room 214. Everybody is welcome!



6 July 2022 Barnabás Holicza (graduating in our lab as a BSc student, supervisor Zsolt Vörösházi) was awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of  Veszprém at the graduation ceremony of the faculty. Beside his good educational results he took part in research and development and he is dedicated to work in innovative solutions. 


20 June 2022 Richárd Rádli successfully completed his PhD complex exam. Congratulations to his score which was over 90%!


16 June 2022  The institutional PhD dissertation defense of Amr Nagy Abdo titled „Recognition of Objects and Their Defects” is open for visitors at MIK, I. building, room 414, 11.00 am 16. June 2022.


2 June 2022 The students of the NJTP of MIK visited the Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien. Topics of the technical programme: Csaba Beleznai: Geometry-aware pose estimation in different robotic application scenarios; Alexander Sing: Learning 3D pose and target ID for accurate multi-target tracking; Matthias Schörghuber: Visual slam for robotic applications és Oliver Zendel: Robust Vision – Concepts and Challenges. We thank the organization work of Csaba Beleznai (AIT) and Benedek Szakonyi (UP).

csoport AIT


4 May 2022 - Students working in our Lab won three prizes in two sections of the Institutional Scientific Students' Associations Conference (ITDK):

  • Holicza Barnabás: The application of neural networks for the quality inspection of solar panels (Neurális hálózatok alkalmazása a napelem panelek minőségellenőrzésére), 1st prize, supervisor: Vörösházi Zsolt, consultant: Amr Nagy
  • Soós Krisztina: Optical measurements in robotics (Optikai mérések alkalmazása robotkörnyezetben), 2nd prize, supervisor: Rádli Richárd, consultant: Vörösházi Zsolt
  • Rosales Alejandro: Optical inspection of solar panels (Napelem panelek optikai minőségellenőrzése), 3rd prize, supervisor: Czúni László



19 April 2022 - Successfully applied for a high-performance graphics processor under the NVIDIA GPU Grant 2022 program. The RTX A6000 48GB graphics card is one of the best solutions for desktop workstations when it comes to supporting artificial intelligence in computer vision. The GPU will be deployed to a newly acquired high-performance HP Z4 G4 Intel Xeon workstation obtained by ongoing OTKA research project. Thanks the supports by NVIDIA and OTKA!


1 December 2021 - Karim Ben Alaya (PhD student) received the prize of Best presentation of section at ICMV 2021 with paper 2D-Projected Tree Model Reconstruction from Monocular Images and DNN. Congratulations!


21 July 2021 - Our mushroom image dataset is now available online. MO106 contains 29,100 mushroom images in 106 classes. Details about the creation of MO106 is described in Kiss, N., & Czùni, L. (2021, September). Mushroom Image Classification with CNNs: A Case-Study of Different Learning Strategies. In 2021 12th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA) (pp. 165-170). IEEE.


27 May 2021 - We were granted with NVidia Jetson Nano 2GB embedded systems in the NVidia GPU Grant 2021 program. We thank the support of NVidia.


20 May 2021 Tamás Levente (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca) gives online talk titled"Visual perception challenges in the Robotics 4.0 era". Short abstract: This presentation covers the paradigm changes from the classical robotics perception towards the recent trends in the Industry/Robotics 4.0 era. The presentation focuses on the perception, mapping, localization and path planning applications with the emphasis on the perception and associated pose estimation issues. Each part contains real life experimental demo results. Lecture starts at 13.00 online


30 March 2021 - Kiss Norbert won the 3rd prize at the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference (his work dealt with mushroom image recognition). Congratulations!


31 August - 4 September 2020 - We organized a mini workshop on 3D sensing and data processing


17 August 2020 - The "dancing traffic light" was presented by Veszprém County Police Headquarters and University of Pannonia  (our collegue Ágnes Lipovits was responsible for the signal processing of the demonstration)


26 June 2020 - Successful Complex Exam of our PhD student Amr Nagy


29 April 2020 - Rádli Richárd Bence won the 1st prize at the Institutional Scientific Students' Associations Conference (Optical pose estimation in robotics applications)


27 November 2019 - The team of Balogh Bálint, Kiss Péter, Nagy Richárd won the 3rd prize at the Institutional Scientific Students' Associations Conference (Object Recognition with Ultrasonic Sensor).


17 June 2019 - Successful Complex Exam of our PhD student Karim Ben Alaya 


14 August 2018 -  We were granted with NVidia Quadro P6000 GPU in the NVidia GPU Grant 2021 program. We thank the support of NVidia.


1 July 2018 - Doctoral Defense of Metwally Rashad 

Metwally Rashad successfully defended his PhD dissertation. He finished his studies with Summa Cum Laude. Congratulations! Title of dissertation: Video based Object Retrieval and Recognition using Lightweight Devices. More information on the site of the library.


9 June 2017 - Mini workshop on 3D sensing and data processing.

Preliminary program


12 December 2017 - New version of software for urbanization score computing is available here.