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 Fields of Activity

The laboratory was established by Tamás Szirányi for the research and development of image related engineering and scientific problems. Over the last two decades the research activity spread over the following areas: image feature extraction, description, analysis and recognition; segmentation, clustering and classification of image objects; biometrics based human-machine interfaces; video- and motion analysis; image- and video compression and retrieval; investigation of stereo vision; object and scene recognition; parallel image processing techniques and embedded systems (FPGAs); the application of artificial neural networks.

Main Results

Most significant results are new, and often application related methods:
• Analysis of airborne images for the estimation of urbanization
• Motion detection for surveillance and moving cameras
• Hidden Markov Models for video segmentation and unusual event detection
• Methods for film restauration: automatic stabilization and blotch detection
• Depth map generation method for retrieval
• Method for hand gesture recognition and camera based human-computer interface
• Method for the estimation of compression ratio and image quality for H.264
• Object recognition with lightweight devices